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The invention in 1963 by Henri Vidal of a new material using earth as a raw ingredient led, within a few decades, to the creation of a company with a presence in five continents: Terre Armée.

implantation Terre-Armée

Innovation being at the heart of Terre Armée’s values, the company keeps developing engineered solutions contributing to the development of infrastructures across the globe.

Terre Armée has been designing and supplying innovative geotechnical engineering structures and reinforced backfill solutions for more than half a century. Having invented the Terre Armée technique with more than 100.000 structures completed around the world, our group sets the standard.

Our vision

Terre Armée rolls out its leading technologies to serve clients’ projects, from the simplest to the most exceptional. Guided by our focus on innovation and our culture of excellence in client relations, we offer suitable, durable solutions. We build on our global expertise, which is applied by our local companies, to develop new applications and to address the challenges of the future.


Our Business Lines

Our technical solutions are defined by three functions corresponding to the application of the structure to be designed:

Retain Terre-Armée
Cross Terre-Armée
Protect Terre-Armée

Crossing structures

To cross natural obstacles such as watercourses and valleys, or roads and railways, Terre Armée designs both overhead and underground crossing solutions. Our techniques are used to build all types of structures to meet the CROSS function, such as reinforced backfill bridge abutments for overhead crossings, as well as cut-and-cover TechSpan® tunnels, culverts and underpasses for below-grade crossings.

bridge abutments Terre-Armée
Bridge abutments
cut-and-cover Terre-Armée
tunnels Terre-Armée
culverts Terre-Armée
underpasses Terre-Armée